It’s that time of year, the bugs come out to party, the coughs & colds, the viruses & bacteria, spreading their joy..........

Often we feel under pressure to recover from illness in a flash, life is too busy, we feel guilty, we feel that we are letting people down if we break commitments or if we need time we rush back to it, often not giving our body the time it needs to fully heal 💛

Historically we would take time following illness to convalesce, derived from the Latin convalescere “to grow fully strong.” (Ido love a bit of Latin)

Convalescence was viewed by doctors as a distinctly separate & important stage of illness recovery.

That bit in-between feeling acutely unwell & feeling 100% healthy again, when what your body really needs is lots of rest & lots of sleep. Although you may feel like your body is switching off when you crawl into bed, it’s during sleep that your body gets busy restoring & repairing. When we don't get enough rest & sleep, our immune system is not able to protect against infection as efficiently. By not giving ourselves time to rest & fully recover from illness we leave ourselves vulnerable to another....& the long run being sicker for longer.

It’s time to stop pushing our body beyond its limits & to give it the rest it needs to be strong & ready to fight off any bugs should they come knocking again.

And I’m not saying we should be lounging around in bed being fed grapes all winter 🍇Just that it’s better in the long run to be honest with yourself about how you feel & to ensure you take the time needed to recover & get your mojo back!

Sometimes we need friends, family, colleagues to tell us to rest, we feel less guilt at taking the time we need to recover when others give us permission to slow grateful for those who care for & who look out for you (& listen to them!)

Slow down, give yourself permission to rest, sleep!!! Let’s re-discover the lost art of convalescence 💙

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