Anxiety, stress, fear, worry, low mood, panic, self doubt, overwhelm....

All negative thoughts and feelings that come from a brain that’s gone off “time travelling”. Either being hauled into the future worrying about what may lie ahead....or going back in time to dwell on past events. Both things we have no control over.

Our brains feel safest in the present moment. Try to notice when you are drawn into negative thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow. Notice them... and then let them go. Remember that right here, now, in this very moment, you are safe and all is well.

Try gently and curiously asking yourself some of the following questions to bring your attention back to the present moment....

💛Can you feel your breath coming in and out of your nostrils?

💜 Does your breath feel warm or cool as it moves gently with each inhale and exhale?

💚Can you feel your body against your seat?

💗Can you feel your feet on the floor?

🤍Can you feel your stomach expanding as you inhale slowly and deeply?

🧡Are your hands cool or one warmer than the other?

💙Can you see or hear any little details in your environment that you maybe didn’t notice before?

Notice how easily you can take control of your attention, and how much calmer and more peaceful your mind feels after engaging in this simple grounding practice for a few minutes.

Grounding is a technique that can quickly calm an anxious, overthinking brain by bringing it gently back to the present moment.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that time travelling isn’t banned all together! Thinking of a positive tomorrow, forecasting and imagining good things ahead, reminiscing about happy memories and things that made you laugh is all really good for you!

Is life leaving you feeling overwhelmed?

Would you like to feel calmer, happier and empowered to take control and enjoy life again?

Soulshine Health offers a fully holistic approach with therapies that embrace and nurture the mind-body connection, for optimum health and equilibrium.

Get in touch and start your journey to wellbeing today!

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