Did you know our brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality! Try this simple lemon visualisation exercise to experience this for yourself!

Close your eyes and take a couple of slow deep breaths and just allow yourself to gently relax your body. Allow your shoulders to drop, softening your forehead, relaxing your jaw muscles.

I want you to imagine that you are in a kitchen somewhere. A kitchen where you feel comfortable, it could be your own kitchen at home, a kitchen of your childhood, or even the kitchen of your dreams, it really doesn’t matter, but make it really vivid in your mind.

Look around the kitchen and see all of the familiar things. Maybe there’s food cooking, noticing the smells, the sounds around you.

You walk over to a counter where there is a basket of lemons and chopping board. You reach out and select a ripe, bright yellow lemon. You feel the weight of the lemon in your hand, as you slide your fingers over the lemon you can feel its smooth waxy skin... feel the dimpled texture...

You lift one of the lemons to your face and breathe in that fresh lemony smell... and then you place the lemon on the chopping board and slice the lemon in half. As the bright yellow flesh is exposed you see the juice oozing out... a lovely lemony citrus aroma fills the room.

You pick up half of the lemon and look at the juicy segments inside and then you put it in your mouth and then you sink your teeth into the lemon .... the juices run over your tongue... your mouth fills with the taste of lemon juice...be aware of how it feels in your mouth, how it feels on your tongue. Be aware of any changes taking place in your mouth, in your body and in your mind.

Most people will find their mouth-watering after experiencing this visualisation of eating a lemon. This is because in order to make sense of what you hear or read your brain has to retrieve the memories - the images, smells, and textures that the lemon visualisation brings to mind. The experience of eating a lemon is something that generates powerful physical reactions. Recalling eating the lemon recalls the distinctive reaction, and your body responds with a conditioned reflex.

This visualisation demonstrates that the brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality…. visualising eating the lemon creates the same physical effect on the body as if you were actually eating a real lemon!

So why am I talking about imagination and lemons you may wonder! Having an awareness of the power of our imagination is important in understanding the power of our thoughts! If what you imagine to be happening is actually happening as far as your brain is concerned, then it follows that what we imagine, our day to day thoughts, have a tremendous impact on our wellbeing and happiness!

Knowing this helps to give some insight as to the importance of being more intentional about the kind of thoughts we feed our mind. Read more on the value of positive thoughts in my blog "find your happy" 💛

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